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We Are the Trusted Private Investigator in Nashville, Illinois!

We Are the Trusted Private Investigator in Nashville, IL

Are you looking for investigative and security services in the states of Illinois and Missouri? Advanced Investigative Services, Inc is your solution. We pride ourselves on our timely and professional service; our outstanding reputation that we have amongst our numerous clients is evidence of that. Our investigative services reach throughout Arkansas, Illinois, Missouri, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, and Tennessee. We provide corporate investigative services for intellectual property, workers’ compensation claims, process service, domestic investigations, criminal support services, security services, and other specialty services.

Advanced Investigative Services, Inc gets results. We are a team that effectively, professionally, and ethically achieves results that our customers can be proud of. Our team of investigators and other security staff are comprised of current and retired local, state, and federal law enforcement officers. We have an investigative team that collaboratively has over 100 years of experience in the industry. Need a private detective? Contact Advanced Investigative Services, Inc for an experienced private investigator in Nashville, Illinois.


Employee background checks and workers' compensation claims are just two few ways that we help our clients. We protect your business from embezzlement, theft, product liability and more.

Intellectual Property

A common business term that refers to the legal right to your ideas, innovations, and inventions. Was your intellectual property infringed upon by a competitor? We can build your case and find justice.

Executive Protection

With the help of an experienced 20-year law enforcement veteran, we offer surveillance operations and surveillance detection services for high-level executives and government officials.


Going through a divorce process and need evidence to help your case? Do you want us to run a pre-marital background check on your soon-to-be son-in-law? We can help investigate a variety of personal claims.

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Advanced Investigative Services, Inc is eager to discuss your needs pertaining to an investigation or security service. We offer free consultations, hearing your needs without costing you or your company a dollar. If you have questions, concerns or other related inquiries, contact us at (618) 327-9526 for immediate service. We look forward to hearing from you.
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