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Investigative and Security Agency Services in Nashville, IL

Advanced Investigative Services, Inc has found thousands of solutions for a wide array of clients for various investigative needs. Utilizing us for your investigative services means that you get to benefit from a team of private investigators who, combined, have over 100 years of experience and knowledge. Our comprehensive investigative services include:

  • Attorney Services
  • Consulting
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Video Surveillance
  • Undercover Operations
  • Pre-Employment Screening
  • Background Checks
  • Insurance Fraud
  • Embezzlement/Theft
  • Asset Recovery/Searches
  • Process Service
  • Pre-Marital Background
  • Covert and Overt Camera Installation
  • Missing Persons
  • Interviews/Statements
  • Product Liability
  • Pre-Trial Investigations
  • Crime Scene Investigations
  • Stalking

Private Investigative Services We Specialize In

Advanced Investigative Services, Inc has a team of private investigators committed to finding solutions for our clients. With over 100 years of combined experience, our investigative team has a collection of intelligence database resources, including driving records, licenses, criminal history records, civil and divorce searches, missing persons, etc. Hiring us means that there is a team of experienced investigators ready to utilize their various resources in the search for answers. Our investigative team consists of specialists that cover:

  • Video/Still Photography
  • Licensed Pilots
  • Licensed Investigators
  • Surveillance Technician
  • Accident Reconstructionist
  • Criminal Defense Detectives
  • Covert/Overt Corporate Investigators
  • Polygraph Examiner
  • Audit/Fraud Expert
  • Executive Protection Experts

Surveillance Investigation Services

Perhaps the most utilized skill of any private investigator, modern surveillance has become a popular service to observe a person or group and monitor their activities, gathering evidence that helps your case. Surveillance isn’t as simple as setting up a camera; it takes years of experience to master and should only be conducted by a licensed private investigator. Advanced Investigative Services, Inc has a team that is licensed to conduct surveillance, they also understand the right technique and have the experience to ensure a job goes well. The two types of surveillance include:

Electronic Surveillance – Video surveillance that allows the investigator to see the full picture at specific times. Electronic surveillance is useful for private investigations, monitoring homes and businesses, or keeping an eye on suspects.

Physical Surveillance – This is when our private investigators physically watch them – in person. They get firsthand knowledge of what their suspect is doing, with whom he or she interacts, etc. This is used to help gather intel and often consists of undercover observation of a suspect’s day-to-day activities.

Infidelity Investigations

Do you suspect your partner of cheating? These situations are always complex; however, our private investigators specialize in taking the proper steps in order to discover the truth regarding your relationship. Matrimonial investigations and infidelity investigations set out to find the truth about whether your spouse is committing adultery. There can be various signs of an unfaithful partner; if your relationship is experiencing any of the following, consider contacting your local private investigator:

  • The improvement of your spouse’s appearance
  • Your partner’s sudden want for privacy
  • Starting to notice a different scent on your spouse’s clothing
  • Constantly staying late at work
  • Fighting more often
  • Change in physical intimacy

If you suspect your partner of being unfaithful, contact Advanced Investigative Services, Inc to get to the bottom of it.

Personal Investigations Nashville IL

Child Custody Investigations

Child custody and child support are two of the main complications when two parents terminate their relationship with each other – they both have a direct effect on emotions and finances. Too often, children get used as bargaining chips to determine parental custody agreements. If an agreement can’t be made between parents, the court is left to investigate the matter to determine what is in the best interest of the child.

If you have concerns regarding your spouse obtaining custody, and see them as an unfit parent, consider hiring a private investigator to help you with your child custody case. The various signs that you have a solid child custody investigation against a parent include:

  • Surrounded by bad influences
  • Poor stability, lifestyle, and financial situation
  • Domestic violence
  • Negative past and current conduct
  • Problems with drug abuse
  • Uneasy and negative atmospheres at home
  • Inability to provide for the child
  • Criminal record
Investigative Services Nashville IL

Criminal Investigation Services

Advanced Investigative Services, Inc has a criminal investigation department that is made up of former law enforcement officers on the local, state, and federal levels. We have a combined experience of over 100 years in the investigative industry and offer our experience, tactics, and resources to help investigate any criminal matter to help solve your case. Our team has the ability, expertise, and resources to collaborate with local law enforcement departments to help with the case.

You may ask the question, why hire a private investigator rather than contact the police? The simple fact is, police do lock up innocent people – but that is a whole different conversation. However, police are often dealing with multiple cases. Private investigators are committed to one. So whether you have been wrongfully accused by the police and need to prove you are innocent, or you are unsatisfied with the results of the police investigation, contact Advanced Investigative Services, Inc today.

Background Investigations

Background check investigations are useful to employers by helping them uncover pertinent information on individuals, organizations, or potential business partners. There are different kinds of background investigations, each one tailored to our client’s specific needs. Advanced Investigative Services, Inc offers background checks such as:

  • Personal Background Checks
  • Pre-Marital Background Checks
  • Corporate Background Checks
  • Financial Background Checks
  • Employee Background Checks
  • Nanny Background Checks
  • Tenant Background Checks

Fraud Investigations

Fraud, a white-collar crime, has been known to cost businesses millions of dollars every year, whether due to dishonesty, deceit, or a source outside of the organization. This is a serious matter and should be investigated as soon as the signs appear. Don’t let your company suffer from the effects of fraud. Instead, contact your private investigator at Advanced Investigative Services, Inc. Private investigators with years of experience in accounting are qualified for fraud investigations and commonly work with a Certified Fraud Examiner to solve the case.

Another type of fraud investigation that Advanced Investigative Services, Inc can help with is insurance fraud. Corporate fraud can be a complex and perpetual process, but insurance fraud can be easier to detect and solve. It can be as simple as surveilling the alleged victim and snapping video evidence of them performing physical activities that their alleged injuries would prevent. We can also provide an investigation into an insurance company that refuses to pay towards a legitimate claim.

Employment Screenings Nashville IL

Missing Persons

Missing person investigations are useful to help find someone, discover their whereabouts, or unearth a subject’s contact information. While the common thought of missing persons tends to be a suspicious disappearance, these types of investigations are also utilized when a child runs away or when you simply want to reconnect with a lost friend. There can be various reasons for hiring a private investigator for a missing person case. For more information, contact your local private investigator in Nashville, Illinois.

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